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Hi we are the picky ones

We created the PICKY app with much more then food delivery in mind. We wanted to bring change, and introduce more optimized way to food ordering. We believe that together we can improve our consumption habits, connection with food and how it is produced.

We think the way businesses currently deliver food is ridiculous. We see the energy, resources, emissions, and money wasted when ordering on demand.

Our solution is easy

Simplify scheduled delivery and subscriptions orders: better quality, healthier choices and conscious food consumption.

We can meet the needs of ever more demanding consumers that are increasingly seeking healthier and more sustainable food options. We cater to special dietary restrictions, if you are gluten free, dietary free, vegan, keto or etc is not that you have many choices – you have to be PICKY.

We work with local kitchens and restaurants to consolidate resources and give consumers an easy way to plan meals in advance. That means:

  • Less resources
  • Less waste
  • Less emissions

Our Mission

The PICKY App is not in the business of food delivery or food preparation. We are in the Business of Empowering . Our mission is to empower you, your children and your family to become the best version of yourself.


Everyone to have access To quality and convenient Meals


Save time, money and our planet


Balanced healthier meals for a great price

Our Promise 

No commitments, Skip or Cancel Anytime
Easy orders and subscription management, edit, skip or cancel anytime 

Our approach More options, less waste.

Inspired by Sustainability and Nature we are aiming to make meaningful impact in our community

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